My friend Eenie, who is famous for being among the four BFA boys who caused 10 German police officers (guns drawn) to surround my apartment, told me it was time to update. Actually, he didn’t so much TELL me as SUGGEST it, but a well-placed “You think it’s time to update?” is just as effective as a good “Yo! Get off your butt and update, will you??”

So here I am updating, but only after seeing Eenie’s updated page on which he has displayed several gorgeous pictures of his beautiful sister getting married. Back in prehistoric days when I led the student council at BFA, his sister, Steph, was one of them. She’s a wonderful little person (family trait there!) who I now despise for making me feel ANCIENT by walking down the aisle looking all grown up. One seldom feels older than when one is confronted with the aging of former students. And to think that some of them have teenage kids now! Yikes.

So my question for today, prompted by morbid thoughts of my impending geriatric days, is this: from the blissful standpoint of your youth, what do you think you will be like when you’re my age (which we’ll round DOWN for now to 35!)? More specifically:

– do you see yourself married?
– do you see yourself having a family?
– what do you see yourself doing for a living?
– where do you see yourself living?
– do you see yourself content with life?
AND…drum roll please…this is the clincher
– how will being an MK have played a part in all of the above?

Someone might need to translate this entry for Squirt. She claims to be too dumb to understand what I write, but I contend she’s just hoping to “hang out” with one of you if you take the time to explain it all to her. Sanguines…

I’d really like to know what y’all think about the above questions. By the way, do you know what the plural form of “y’all” is? Yup, my southern friends, it’s “All y’all”. Gotta love it.

So….answer my questions? I’d be grateful. Do it quickly, though. At the rate I’m aging, my eyesight should give out right about now….right about now….right about…. Guess I have a couple more minutes before decrepitude hits (that’s “the state of being decrepit”, Squirt).

Bye for now!




  1. HEY! i understand this entry very well..except the last bit i still don’t quite get the decrepit thing..but hey thats what your for!!

  2. oh michele i know you’d talk to me even if I HAD killed that frog..thought it was very funny to see the huge BOOM..but yes i’lll try not to be cruel hehe..its a matter of having fun tho! oh and since no one else has decided to answer your questions i thought i would be the first one to tell you..hehe i’m sure you already know sinc eyou happen to know everythign goin on but i will go on!
    -do you see yourself married? 1) of course but he has to have a six pack and knows how to play soccer!
    – do you see yourself having a family? 2)yep
    – what do you see yourself doing for a living? umm do i actually have to think about that playing soccer baby!
    – where do you see yourself living? not a couple of years to think about it
    – do you see yourself content with life? oh yeah! i’m sure with you around oh yeah
    – how will being an MK have played a part in all of the above? good question..i’m sure i’ll be able to answer that sooner or later
    there ya go..i stayed on topic for you!

  3. 1) Possibly, but not really.

    2) Only if the first is a “yes”

    3) Being a psychologist, living alone with two cats and a dog. I know, I know, the classic “old maid scenario.” But I think I would have fun with it!

    4) Absolutely no idea. In the States somewhere, though.

    5) No, I don’t remember the last time I was contented, so I need to learn to be contented. If I forced myself to do that, then I would be.

    6) I don’t think it will have done much of anything. Though I think World Views class will have influenced me a whole heck of a lot!

  4. this isn’t “xanga comment” material! how about we sit down and chat at the eis cafe?? yes? Tiramisu Becher, bitte? ohne vanillia eis. ja. danke.

  5. changed the picture for you..i hope this satifies your eyes..hehe

  6. Never really thought about those questions… Hm… Should I be thinking about it already? haha. I don’t even want to think about college. Man… haha

  7. If you start thinking about these questions now, Ahram, choosing a college and a major won’t be such a traumatic thing when the time comes! It’s never bad to have a sense of “direction” in life, and even if the plan changes once you start moving forward, at least you’ll have a general idea of what you’re hoping for!

  8. i think you should invite us over for dinner me and ahram!! have a good nice talk what do ya htink? hehe

  9. yea yea yea!! good idea Rat! haha

  10. Squirt–my computer is allergic to your Xanga site. Every time I try to leave a comment, it crashes my Explorer! I’m just wondering if the T-shirt your sister is wearing on the picture has anything to do with hanging out with you this summer! I might have to get one of those for myself after I get back to BFA!

  11. haha..i guess i’m just way to hot for your computer! 😉 i’m sure the t-shirt she was wearing definetly has to do with me..i’m way to persuasive to handle! lol..can’t wait to see you michele!

  12. – do you see yourself married? yes (at least I really hope so)
    – do you see yourself having a family? if question one happens, than FOR SURE I want a family!
    – what do you see yourself doing for a living? My dream is to be an actress, jet setting across the world to different set locations 😛 (so I guess if I’m doing that..the family part should wait a little bit)
    – where do you see yourself living? Either in America or Australia
    – do you see yourself content with life? yes, I love life..hopefully that won’t change
    – how will being an MK have played a part in all of the above? Being an MK has opened my eyes to alot of different culutres and ALOT of different people. For my acting carree (if there is one!): it’ll play a huge role. B/c I can bring some if not most of my experiences into the way I portray life…you know? and then the marrige part..well if I could have my way I want to marry an MK, so I guess being an MK has kinda defined a certain part of my future husbands past…but then again lots of MK’s want to marry MK’s, right? in your opinion (b/c I know it will be direct and I wanna hear it) why is that? I have some reasons myself but your answers are just so much more…interesting to read and to learn from and sound more sophisticated I love you!

  13. dude you want to update?? or i should say that in a nicer tone..michele can you please grace me with your words and updates how’s that??!!

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