So my two nephews and my niece arrived this week to spend a few days on the beach. My brother and his wife are here too, of course–the kids didn’t hop in the van and drive themselves here. I was on the way to the store tonight with my nine-year old nephew and he informed me that he’s going to be richer than Bill Gates some day. “How are you going to make your money?” I asked. He thought for a moment, then answered, “I’m going to invent a hover-car…or maybe a spaceship.” Then he thought some more (with his face all contorted in a thoughtful frown) before adding, “Actually I’m not very good at math, so maybe I can’t invent anything. But my DAD could!”

So here’s the question: What would you invent if you could? And would you like to be as rich as Bill Gates? And if you were, what would be the first thing you bought?

Just curious….


PS: Me? I’d invent a machine that can change a person’s appearance convincingly enough that I could truly find out how it feels to walk in other people’s shoes (ie. other races, other ages, other social groups, other professions). I’d LOVE to be as rich as Bill Gates, and the first thing I would do is BUILD BFA A THEATER THAT HAS CHANGING ROOMS, A BACKSTAGE AREA, A PNEUMATIC STAGE, AND A FABULOUS LIGHTING SYSTEM!!



  1. if i could invent any kind of machine haha it would be a sleep machine so i can go in for 1 second and be totally refreshed so i have the whole day to play soccer or attack lauren! muahaha..if i was as rich as bill gates oh baby i’d build myself a nice basketball court, a soccer field and an airplane so i can visit anybody i want! how’s that michele! hehe

  2. DUDE!! That’s what I wanted. A machine or something that can refresh us in VERY little time. I guess ONE second can be a bit going over but… you know, within an hour is good. I talked to Sarah Kim about this…. How sleeping is good (because our bodies need to rest) but it’s also a waste of time. I mean, we can do so many OTHER things instead of sleeping!

  3. So anyways, I would make myself a basketball court also… hm… a machine that can rest our bodies SUPER fast…. A portable teleport machine. So, I don’t have to pay STINKIN lot of money to go around places. haha

  4. Haha! Hey! If we are BOTH as rich as Bill Gates, we can build the BEST basketball court in the WORLD!!! haha

  5. Nice Nice. That will be AWESOME! anyways Michele, do you like Rat and I writing on your site like this? Did you know that all these comments above were written on the SAME day, WHILE we were chatting with each other? haha

  6. Oh yea. We just know that you are going to invite us in… anytime. lol

  7. looking forward to your cooking better have us over some time right ahram cuz you owe us from not telling who you were!

  8. Oh yea man! You HAVE to invite us. We LOVE your cooking. man.. lol. We are DOMINATING your SITE!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!

  9. lol..just think that we love you so much michele if we didn’t you would have no comments from us! and that would be just BORING! i hope no one gets scared but all our comments on here…haha

  10. We love you Michele, that’s all. If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t even visit your site!

  11. amen to that..michele you are thought of and missed you understand we can’t survive without you we are trying to get as close to you as possible if that means writting on your xanga site then here we

  12. Oh my gosh!! when I saw how many comments you had already received I was blown away…and then I come to comment……and then look who all the comments are from! those too are nuts!! well I just wanted to say that I think the new theatre sounds absolutley MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll pitch in for that! and me? what would I invent? I’d invent a teleporting machine!!! I could do with one of those right now….and I’d be scared to be as rich as Bill Gates…everyone would expect SO much of me…and I couldn’t carry out everything…so maybe to be half as rich as him…or maybe even a 1/4, coz that’s still way over 1 million dollars! 🙂

  13. Ahram and Squirt, get a room!! A chat-room, that is.

    Fiona, I knew I could count on you to support my theater plans! Tell me….where would you go if your teleportation device worked? (I’m suspecting there might be a boy at the other end of your journey…..)

    Ahram, I agree with your assessment of sleep, but I like it too much to do away with it. Squirt, we’re going to have some serious talks when I get back about the importance of VARIETY in life–as opposed to all sports 24/7!

    Bye for now, ladies.


  14. all I can say is…I can’t wait to takl to you 🙂

  15. Michele! You deleted Rat’s comments! She’s probably heart broken! lol

  16. i’m so hurt what happened to my comments..they were out of love and appreciation..sniff sniff…

  17. hahaha

  18. wow…these are some silly girls, right michele! i think we should invent a machine to whip them into shape. haha.

  19. Excellent idea! Let’s call the machine something exotic…like “Storchenblick”…and use it to beat them into submission!

  20. remember guys i’m the big and buff one now at the dorm..don’t think you can take me down!!

  21. Rat, you’re the big buff one NOW? Who was the big buff one before? Good grief. Ok, Michele, this comment is really for you. . .I don’t really have anything to say, I’m just terrifically homesick. . .no, not homesick, “past sick” right now. Though I don’t know which part of the past I would exactly go to, had I the choice. Random thoughts. Anyway. To quote “Donkey” in Shrek “I think I need a hug!” (Wow this shoulda been an email!)

  22. knwo your just jealous of me! but before it was beki, laurel and rachel man could they kick my butt!! but then we stuck up for each other also..wahoo! you know i could beat your little butt…

  23. “Little” butt? What are you on?

  24. crack i think..not sure maybe you need to come and check me out..

  25. question for Abby – why is ‘I’ capitalized? and why ‘me’ not?  is this a

  26. woops – i didn’t finish the thought – is this a point of grammar I should have learned back in the day?

  27. if so don’t laugh at me, little teenagers.

  28. you don’t like the cozy arrangements that we have as changing rooms at school.  It’s what brings us together!  gosh… 

  29. I’m BACK!! Only temporarily though… I don’t know when I can check my e-mail next…. Rat just said this place was getting bored. haha

  30. where is this site needs mine and ahrams comments..oh well…

  31. dude michele think its time to update! oh but you have to wait until ahram gets back from camp or whatever she’s at! hehe..miss you

  32. wow… i would get my own private plane.. and then pay for my college tuition if i have any left.. haha..

  33. think its time to update?

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