In case you’re bored and would like to expand your knowledge and understanding of one of the world’s most courageous women, the Corrie Ten Boom book you need to order and READ is: “The Hiding Place”.

And Ahram, no–I don’t think I’ll tell you.

But I’ll gladly interact with you if you have questions unrelated to my identity!



  1. What? You’re NOT going to tell us? Are you scared or something?

  2. i second that

  3. Not scared, Ahram (and unnie13), just enjoying your confusion as long as it lasts! And not worried in the LEAST by your threats!! =-)

  4. well thankyou…

  5. goooood book

  6. man you love the sick pleasure of this all!!

  7. I gotta say, that picture is just great! it captures every thought and emotion that old woman is thinking and feeling…

    oh and also…does “we stroke the fire” mean anything to you?

  8. Are you calling me an ‘”old woman”, ladybug?

    It’s incredilby hot today, so “stroking the fire” means absolutely nothing to me!

  9. Hey that is a good book….
    i was wandering with unnie13 and ahram who you are….

    i will give you a nickle if you tell me who you are. HA


  10. oh, ya’ll know you really like this great mystery ahram, alyssa, and beki!  i bet its actually even one of you and you’re just pullin’ our leg. ha ha.   jk 

    what you girls really need to do is take advantage of this abby lady  –  you can ask her anything in all the world!

  11. so i could ask you any question in the whole wide world besides your identity and you would answer me?! hmm..i like this! oh yes..after all the knocking on my head and stuff about putting thoughts into words and stuff i think i’m finally getting all that down! hehe..but we shall see won’t we!

  12. I agree with RebLyner…take advantage of this Abby Lady. 

  13. gosh… Rat, Beki and I against EVERYONE else.

  14. Sometimes the majority is right, armie2007!

  15. Right. BUT not ALWAYS. haha. You can even find that in the Bible!

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