It has come to my attention that many of you are confused about:

a. my identity
b. my motives
c. my gender

a. I am temporarily masking my true identity because–well, because I find your confusion entertaining. What can I say? It’s cheap fun.

b. My motives are pure! If you think my entries are a backhanded way of airing YOUR dirty laundry in public, you’re sorely mistaken. It ain’t my fault if my life lessons parallel yours! (Got that, Mr. Police-Raid-on-my-House?)

c. Unless this picture is of an overdeveloped monk with inordinate estrogen levels, I think my gender is an obvious thing.

And speaking of genders, here’s a question for anyone who cares to answer: if the choice were yours, would you rather be male or female–and why??

Just curious…

One kind reader suggested that I make this an advice-weblog…a kind of cyber-Dear-Abby. I suggested back that there probably aren’t many readers out there who would venture to ask a nameless writer about existential, relational, or trivial issues. I was told not to underestimate this modest readership… So here I am offering my services (though I guarantee neither wisdom nor wit!). If you have a question, an issue, or a dilemna, feel free to leave it for me and I’ll do my best to address it intelligently!

Yours truly…



  1. perhaps we can hash this out in person sometime? yes? good…

  2. alright. Now I am 99% sure who you are… and YOU gave it away. HAHA

  3. hey hey..glad to know you finally decided to get xanga again! hehe

  4. Do I know you?

  5. do i know you?

  6. i’m entertained myself….probably don’t know you, but i’ll join in on the fun.

    answer to your question…hmmm…used to want to be a boy back in the day, but i’ll stay a woman…i’m just trying to figure this complicated gender out. can’t be changing mid-way through.

    here’s one for abby:  how does a woman remain strong yet not dominant, vulnerable yet not “mousy”?

  7. Rat, stop confusing me.

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