To paraphrase Emily Dickinson,

“Tis better to have loved and lost…” than to be stuck with a jerk.

Sometimes past losses are God’s gift to our future!

Just call me Yoda: short, round, “wise”, and I tend to my words backwards say…. Now if I could only meet my very own Han Solo!



  1. hum……where in the world could this be coming from?

  2. Hey! How’ve you been? I miss you SO much! And yes, I know who this is, but don’t want to give Ahram any clues, now, do we? 😉

  3. i was wandering who you are?

    I am glad i mad you laugh.


  4. oops i meant i am glad i made you laugh. 🙂 ha i hope a made you laugh at my first comment.:)

  5. ah!! who is this?? okay.. it’s a girl… someone that beki hangs out with… and someone that lauren misses a lot… ah!! this is driving me nuts!! okay, who are you?

  6. Hm… I have an idea of who you are… But I’m not so sure if it is who I think she is… Hm…

  7. Ahram and i have no clue to who this is.

    Q: 1 Are you a girl?

    i have an idea lets play 20 questions ok

  8. that is a pretty funny picture you have there.

  9. Don’t you just love a good mystery? Keep digging! You’ll figure out who I am eventually…

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