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Phoenix weaves these two darkly enticing stories together in a fast-paced novel leaving the reader guessing until the very end. Historical fact makes the chateau’s tale that much more interesting, while Phoenix’s characters make the present-day tale richly emotional.
Phoenix expertly weaves the present and the past in this heart-wrenching story…  Recommend it to readers who enjoy Bodie Thoene.
Library Journal
Tangled Ashes is not a book you will likely forget anytime soon. The story is too riveting for that. The tragedy in it pulls you in and the hope keeps you looking forward. Something beautiful emerges from the ashes. This is a love story, but not a romance. The end is unexpected and memorable. If you are a historical fiction fan Tangled Ashes will be one to add to your collection and sit well above the rest. I cannot wait to read more from Michele Phoenix.
Deanna Mary (from Amazon Reviews)

Wow! I read this book in a day as I was drawn into the story from the first few pages. I felt it was well written and had me guessing until the very end as to how the story would be resolved. It was interesting the way the history was woven in with present day events. The plot was stong and the characters well-developed. I found I was cheering Becker and Jade on with their personal battles. The ending was not what I expected but as I reflected on it it was clear the characters couldn’t have done anything different. I look forward to reading more books from Michele Phoenix.
Karen (from Amazon Reviews)
I am a reader who lived through those dark days of World War 2, so I found this book to be a tale that carried me back to sixty years ago, and to the terrible inhumanities and misguided loyalties that the Nazi regime fostered. It is amazing that a young woman who was not part of that period in history has been able to write so understandingly and lucidly about it. She has managed to recreate the anguish of her characters so that these people come to life in a way that captivates the reader. It is truly a ‘can’t put it down’ book. I have read Michele’s first two novels, and it is evident that she improves with the birth of each new book. This one shows maturity and depth and I look forward to her future efforts in the literary field.
Mari-Lou Sheeler, Ontario
M. Phoenix’s books are all worthy reads. Tangled Ashes is no exception. Ms. Phoenix weaves present day human drama in with WWII history. Architect/craftsman Becker arrives in the French village of Lamorlaye to begin restoration on a castle with a shadowy past while dealing with his own past. As always her characters resonate as they try to transcend their own flaws and weaknesses. The author gives insight into the Nazi occupation of France with it’s hospital for the Fuhrer as an integral part of the story that lays the groundwork for a surprise conclusion. This book grabbed me at the beginning and held me til the end.
Dorothy Liles, Tennessee
Michele is a talented author with an incredible ability to take you in. Holding “Tangled Ashes” in my hands, I was transported to a different place and time and felt as though I was engaging personally with each of the characters. Her understanding of people and her knowledge of Europe gives her beautiful stories to tell. I cried, I laughed audibly, and I longed…if you’re curious, don’t hesitate. A little history, a little fiction, and hours of enjoyment.
Rebecca Lycett, Colorado
Michele keeps expanding her repertoire! She’s written another page-turner. This time there’s a mystery waiting to be uncovered. Admidst the sadness of a dark chapter of history, there is the hope of lives changed. You’ll love the characters!
Mari Ellen Reeser, Germany