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Born in France to an American mother and a Canadian father, I am a “Third Culture Kid” through and through! In 1991, after five years in the US, I returned to Germany to teach at the boarding school for Missionary Kids where I had spent my high school years.  Now, nineteen years later, my passion is to help “multi-culturals” as well as North American churches and missions to better understand the consequences of international living on MKs, business kids, military kids, and all those who have spent a significant portion of their lives in other cultures. For the past four years, I have lectured on the topic of TCK Identity and Wholeness, speaking to missionary parents, students of all ages and new MK/TCK  educators.


“We were recently blessed to have Michele share her experience and insight with our new missionaries who are going to serve TCKs around the world.  Michele utilized an effective mix of profiles, statistics, and personal stories that allowed our new members to really begin to understand TCKs and how they can be most effective in loving and caring for them.  In addition to helping our new missionaries better understand the unique challenges and opportuniteis that TCKs face, it was amazing to see how Michele’s presentations allowed some of the adult TCKs attending to grasp for the first time the effects of their own TCK experience on themselves.  We are so grateful for Michele’s service to the missionaries of TeachBeyond and highly recommend her as an expert in the areas of understanding and serving TCKs.”

Michael Koerber
Director of Mobilization
TeachBeyond – Bloomingdale, IL

“Having known Michèle Phoenix for some 20 years, I can say that there are few people as prepared as she to speak on the issue of multi-culturalism and how it touches all of us in our inter-connected world. Having grown up outside her passport country and spent nearly two decades as a faculty member at an international boarding school, she “gets it” from the top of her head to the bottoms of her well-traveled soles. When she speaks, she speaks out of the depths of her life experiences. Not only will Michèle challenge your thinking, she will also soften your heart for those who move in and out of God’s borderless world.”

Timothy P. Shuman
Director of International Services
ACSI – Colorado Springs, CO

“Michèle Phoenix is an effective advocate for TCK’s, shedding light on their social, emotional and spiritual challenges by creatively sharing perspectives founded on decades of heart-to-heart interaction with TCK’s, as well as her own TCK journey.”

Steve Grubb
Member Care, Europe Office
OC International – Worthing, England