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As rich and broad as their experiences may be, those who have spent significant portions of their lives in other cultures often struggle with their own identity and with reentry into North America.

My goals:

  • To educate “multi-culturals” of all ages about the factors that have shaped them and of the differences that define them.
  • To teach and train their parents, educators and caretakers about crucial facets of the MK/TCK identity that need to be addressed in order for us to equip them for the life ahead, allowing them to thrive in their strengths and manage their challenges.
  • To enlighten sending churches and agencies about the impact of international childhoods on these children whose plight we often overlook as we send them overseas and welcome them “home.”

Twenty years on the mission field and a lifetime as an MK (missionaries’ kid) have prepared me well to speak, write and consult on MK and TCK (Third Culture Kid) issues. My goal is to use the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated to help those who, at any age, are living with the blessings and challenges of growing up third-cultured.
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“Third-Culture Kids are one of the most powerfully influential people groups in our world today and Michèle, from personal experience, extensive study, and thousands of hours of investment, speaks with a clear voice on how to be a person of influence among them.”

Kristi Schliep
Former Personnel Director (2009)
Black Forest Academy – Kandern, Germany