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In Broken Places masterfully balances a story of hurt and healing with sharp wit and humorous situations, leaving the reader with an ‘I can’t put it down’ dilemma.”

– Lauren Wiest, Columbia, SC.

“Take a vacation to beautiful southern Germany through the pages of In Broken Places. Don’t forget to pack your tissues…you’ll be crying one minute and laughing the next. Michele has a way of developing characters so intimately that, halfway through the book, you will want to have Shelby, Shayla, and Bev come to your house for cake and coffee! As I have father issues of my own, reading In Broken Places was the equivalent of having a friend come alongside me and say, “I totally understand.”

– Michelle Young, Wheaton, IL

“The words flow with an artistry that in itself makes the book worth reading.  Places, experiences and people come alive, especially for readers who have experienced cross-cultural transition.  The relational tension draws you in, as you see the personal turmoil of a wounded soul resisting love.
– Steve Grubb, London, England.

In Broken Places is a really fun read and gives a great picture of the joys and challenges of living life in a cross-cultural setting.  You’ll fall in love with most of the characters and feel great sorrow over others.  This book is very different from The Edge of Tidal Pools, but you’ll enjoy it as much as you did Michele’s first book.”

– Mari Ellen Reeser, Kandern, Germany.

“It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me think, and it made me squeal with delight!

– Renée Grubb, London, England.

To be known and to be understood. Some of us spend a lifetime wondering how this will ever be a reality.  And in despair, we run away only to find that we have arrived—known, understood, loved. In Broken Places has reminded me once again to be unafraid of the path and to embrace the One who guides the journey.

– Karen Harrington, Philadelphia, PA.

Every once in a while you come across a story that switches on lights and blows whistles. In Broken Places is one of those. It has all the elements that make a good book!
– Greg Tharp, Valence, France.