Being a kid isn’t easy. Under the best of circumstances, life throws challenges and risks at us that can increase our anxiety. Add to that the high-pressure context of ministry and the chances of some level of anxiety rise.
Then COVID-19 strikes.
I’ve received calls and messages from so many families lately whose children are expressing unusual amounts of stress, anger, sadness or over-the-top-emotions. Two of the most moving notes came from Julia (9) and Ben (11). I met their families during conferences overseas and their parents suggested they reach out to “Miss Michèle.” The video below is my response to Julia and Ben…and to any other young MKs who might be struggling right now. (A basic outline is below the video.) 

To make discussion easier afterward, here are the simple suggestions I give:

  • Tell yourself it won’t last forever
  • Tell yourself it’s okay and normal to feel anxious
  • Tell someone about it when you feel anxiety building
  • Find things that make you feel a bit better and make sure you fit those into your day
  • Ask your parents if you should talk to people like counselors and doctors
  • Keep your eyes on Jesus

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