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The MK Harbor Project has officially launched and is viewable by clicking HERE.

  But…we can still use more volunteers. Simple instructions to volunteer as a Harbor are at the bottom of this post.


 If you’re the type who prefers watching to reading, you can begin with this short introduction video an MK created for this project. If you’d rather just read about it, scroll down!

What is the MK Harbor Project?
MKs (Missionaries’ Kids) who return to their passport countries generally express four needs: practical help, cultural coaching, a place to get away and someone to be a sounding board.
Because so many of them land in places where they might not have family or friends nearby, it’s important for others to come alongside these MKs in a meaningful way. Some examples of the needs they might have:

  • Practical help (e.g. Driving them to/from the airport, accompanying them to medical appointments, helping them get to the store for basics…)
  • Cultural coaching (e.g. Setting up a bank account, dating etiquette, rules of the road…)
  • A home away from home (e.g. Inviting them to join you for a meal or movie, making sure they have a place to go on holidays, providing a quiet place to study…)
  • Sounding boards (e.g. Checking in with the MK regularly, asking questions that allow him/her to express how he/she is doing, who he/she is missing, what his/her challenges and joys are…)

Your involvement may not be a huge time commitment. That will depend on the needs expressed by the MK and on your availability.
It may not be long-term either. The goal of the Harbor is to be available and helpful for as long as the MK needs you. If a more durable relationship naturally develops, all the better.
How does it work?
MKs will be directed to Harbor Project WEB PAGE by online advertising and word-of-mouth (you!). They’ll find an outline of the project’s purpose and an interactive map on which the location of Harbors will be marked with a pin. MKs in search of help will be able to click the pins to learn more about the people offering assistance: name, general location, a brief bio and reason(s) for which they’ve volunteered for the project.
From there, a link to an Introduction Form will allow the MK to initiate contact with the Harbor of their choice. They’ll enter their name and some basic info, check boxes in a general list of “types of help” needed, and (optionally) submit a more personal message in the space provided.
Of course, Harbors are not obligated to provide assistance in every way the MK needs. Your availability and abilities will determine how much you can do. (Perhaps you can connect the MK with someone you know who can help in the other areas of need.)
How can you volunteer as an MK Harbor?

Now that you’ve read the above, just three steps remain:

  1. Read the information above carefully—it will answer most of your questions.
  2. Take a look at this article, which describes in greater detail the type of help an MK might need from his/her Harbor: http://bit.ly/28ZS5P6
  3. Apply to be a Harbor. Done with steps 1 and 2? If you’d like to be a Harbor, click this link: http://bit.ly/2tlFSz5 It will take you to a brief questionnaire to fill out and submit.
  4. Hold tight—we’ll check your references, add you to the interactive Harbor Map and get back to you well before Phase Two launches.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this project! Again—the goal is to have several Harbors in all 50 states, 10 provinces and multiple countries around the globe. I’d love for you to get involved as we create this network of help and hospitality for Global Nomads. Any questions? Contact me by clicking here.
Please help spread the word by using the social media links below. Word-of-mouth is crucial to a successful launch! Feel free to use the Like button and/or leave a comment too!


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    We can harbor MK/TCK fugitives! San Marcos/San Diego

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