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“Gratitude sublimates the mundane into the divine.”

It was Thanksgiving at BFA this week, and I got to spend it at the dorm, surrounded by many of the people I love.  The pictures below might not give you an accurate idea of the noise level, but they do express some of the joy.


The school’s director, Tim Shuman, participating in charades…  Only at BFA!

Dorm mom, Lyn, demonstrating alligator wrangling…



The day after Thanksgiving, celebrating a former student’s Internet-broadcast graduation ceremony.  There’s something ironic about witnessing him becoming a police officer when he spent most of his time at BFA doing a fairly good imitation of a juvenile delinquent! 

I always have to get on Squirt and Erin’s cases about leaving the dorm wearing tropics-worthy clothing.  They thought they were being cute, on this evening at my place, dressing up for a blizzard.  …I guess they succeeded!  Pictured with them are Zidane (brown), Congo (beige), and Alfalfa (orange).

One last picture:  As I was driving home from radiation two days ago, I noticed this statue on top of a fairly nondescript building in Saint Louis (France).  He reminded me that I constantly have divine warriors watching over me.  I was grateful for the reminder!

May we all endeavor, as we approach the real Thanksgiving date, to say less of “I wish things were different” and more of “I’m so grateful for the mundane things that point me to the divine.”  They’re everywhere.



  1. Is that last picture a woman or a man-warrior with very large breasts?

  2. I love your epiphanous quotes!  hugs, Renee

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