UPDATE:  I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom this evening, trying to choose a song to sing on Sunday, when the phone call from my beloved doctor came.  The biopsies she took two days ago revealed another active cancer site…   She couldn’t give me a plan of attack, not until further discussion and tests, but my hopes for a quick return to Europe and radiation there are put on hold, most probably replaced by the need for a mastectomy and chemotherapy.  As you can imagine, this was all very unexpected and jarring.

Not too surprisingly, the song I was practicing when the call came was Steven Curtis Chapman’s “The Treasure of Jesus.”  It says, in part,

“If I should live or die
Let me be found pursuing this prize
The One that alone satisfies
The Treasure of Jesus.”

God knew I’d need those words in my mind when I received the news.  The Treasure of Jesus must remain my goal and my reward.  Now comes another wait.  I’ll head back to the hospital a week from Monday for more tests and to meet the “tumor board” again, and we’ll determine then exactly what needs to happen next.  I’ll still be speaking at church on Sunday, as much to remind myself of the Truths I know as to make of this journey something that can be beneficial to others. I will not let this pain–this disheartening news–this challenge–this opportunity for growth–be wasted.

Please continue to pray.

(PS:  Today is my father’s birthday…)



  1. such a hard day for you Michele. i can’t even imagine after all the good news that was coming your way, and your being able to head back to Europe and be near those that you love. I pray for wisdom for the doctors and peace for you…i can’t imagine your heart today, it must be grieving. what a beautiful reminder of a song for you to sing about the truth of your Lord in your life.

  2. Jan here, using my lovely Maria’s laptop. Just read your latest two entries and realise your story is taking yet another turn. May God shine through you as you speak and sing in Church tomorrow, May you be blown away with how the Lord brings good out of this rotteness. But more than that, may you be so personally aware of God’s loving arms around you pouring His palm on your grieving soul and still He can and does heal.
    We have Peter Kent and his girlfriend staying with us for a few days. We all send you our love, Alec, Jan,Heidi,Maria,Peter and Laura.

  3. Praying.

  4. I just got home and read your post. My heart weeps with you at this news no one wanted to hear yet my heart rejoices as you seek to bring glory to our God in the midst of so much confusion and pain. We continue to pray for you….

  5. I echo the my heart weeps with you statement. I am praying fervently for you, Michele! May the Lord continue to grant you peace as you await further news. Your testimony already has been such a blessing to me (and I know others). Thank you for showing joy in the midst of this- you are such an example to me. If you need anything, please just let me know. I love you so much!

  6. Love you MIchele – and constantly praying for miraculous healing. We prayed for you at BFCF this morning. We wish you were here to get a hug from the Storch girls – one big giant multi-armed, swelling-hearts hug. Whenever you can get here you will get one of those – we will keep it warm in the oven until you arrive.You are surrounded and loved. sarah

  7. my parents and i hope to come and hear you speak today. hopefully they will make it if not i as well! thinking of you and praying for you.

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