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If there’s one thing we know to be true at BFA, it’s that the spring term requires boat-loads of tenacity!  I’ve seldom seen a more apt illustration of the word than on a neighbor’s apple tree…

That’s last year’s fruit still clinging to branches laden with this year’s blossoms.  It hasn’t let go yet.  And as spring bursts from trees, bushes and gardens all around me, I am reminded that I too must cling–hang on–until the end of this semester.  We’re all involved in the same marathon, and we’re all finding different impediments to our personal tenacity: weather-induced antsiness, a graduation day that is fast approaching, a tingling desire to leap into something new, and, for some lovestruck students, yup, hormones! 

(Renee, my dear walking companion and friend.  She’s the only person I
know whose adventurous streak turns a walk in the woods into a rock-climbing expedition.)

With spring comes a rush that leaves us all wanting something new–something exciting and unexpected.  It’s what makes it so hard to be content with the daily routines and faces and activities that have rhythmed our year.  So here’s to this season–to newness and rebirth.  And here’s to tenacity–the one weapon in our emotional arsenal that allows us to finish well, living in the present and building a firm foundation from which to leap into the next phase of our lives.  May we be as stubborn as the neighbor’s apples until it’s time to let go and move on!

And while we wait for that release, here are a few photos to remind us all, on the rainy, dreary days still ahead, that we did have 1.56 seconds of spring on one glorious Saturday afternoon!  I’m throwing in a couple extras of some of the more memorable student-moments of the last couple of weeks too…




  1. Lovely, my walking adventuring friend…may we have a few more of these stored up before we say goodbye for the summer…I love you more than my unskilled words can say and the food you dropped off…ministered to my tummy and tastebuds…I think I need another walk now…hugs, Renee

  2. please please please don’t forget to invite me to the next thrusday night gathering!  i would love to come over and talk and of course eat your most excellent cooking. thanks for always being so honest michele.  you are so inspiring.  hannah l. 

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