I’m off to Italy in the morning!  I’m being foolhardy and actually driving my car there, which means it may very well come back lacking some paint and a tire or two, but who am I to distrust my Italian neighbors?  I’m heading out with my favorite traveling companion, Mari Ellen, to see this:

Cinque Terre

…and maybe, if we’re lucky, a little bit of this too:

Random Italian stallion

Of course, if my luck holds, we stand a greater chance of seeing this:

A more likely candidate…darn it.

…and a whole lot more of this:

Rain, rain, rain…like we don’t get enough of it in Kandern!

I’ll tell you all about it when we get back! 



  1. Check it our for me and give me all your tips when you get back!  Someday…sigh  Blessings and traveling mercies and I actually was praying today for you to be flirted with as is typical in Italy but with a hunky Italian Stallion…is that blasphemous?  love you, Renee

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That is awesome, I will pray for the first and the second, but O won’t comment on the third, just in case he is a relative or past boyfriend (or even present) 🙂

  3. I really would like to have the writing bone, but I fear the only thing I’ve ever been capable of is monologues. I still might try and get into creative writing however. I’ve heard good things.

    : )

    have fun in Italy, and thanks. it’s nice to hear someone cares about my efforts to keep BFA a little fashion aware.

  4. That’s quite the schnauz on the “more likely candidate”…. that HAS to be fake!

    Have fun in Italy!

  5. I hope you guys have tons of fun Michele. Take tons of pictures

  6. that guy has the biggest nose of anyone i’ve ever seen.  ever.


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