Due date:  May/June ’07
Gender:  Non-specific
Gestation:  7 months
Expectant parents:  me!
Pre-birth emotions:  fear, trepidation, excitement, anticipation, head-slapping, repeating “Why am I doing this?” over and over again…the usual, in other words!

You know how expecting women see an ultrasound of their child and suddenly realize they’re really, truly pregnant?  Well, I haven’t seen an ultrasound of my literary “baby,” but I have recently caught a glimpse of what it’s going to look like, and it made me all the more anxious to have it finally see the light of day.  Here’s a sneak peak!

Mr. Teacher-Man (aka. Chris Bryan) is the fabulous artist who put the cover together and, in doing so, exceeded every hope and expectation I had for the novel.  He’s a genius, and my friend Greg Tharp, who contributed greatly to the design, is equally brilliant.  They are both God’s gift to this project!

There’s a lot more information to be found at:


You’ll find pictures, a synopsis, FAQs, and lots more about both my books on the site.  My deepest gratitude goes to former BFAer Donald The Shilling for his invaluable contribution to publishing this site and designing the main pages.  I’ve always expected former students to come back and haunt me in my old age…I’m finding out they sometimes come back to bless me too!

Have fun browsing the website!  Feel free to sign the guestbook while you’re there or email me any comments you have.  I’ll be adding pictures and information to the website regularly, so please check back again!  And, of course, I’ll keep you updated as the “delivery date” approaches!    (Thank God it won’t require Lamaze breathing, birthing coaches, or episiotomies!)



  1. Can’t see the picture but… not like I didn’t see the cover before. Anyways, I’m guessing you got permission from the parents of the kid. nice nice.

  2. great to see that you get to use this cover as hoped!!

  3. i think you should decide on a gender for it.

  4. sweet!!! this is so exciting!!! i can’t wait!!! (and i love the new colors/layout of your xanga site – a perfect match for the book cover, which i suspect was all part of the plan!=)

  5. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! it’s so pretty!!!!! and I love the aliteration… hehe michele you HAVE to send me a copy as soon as you can, ok??????

    I cannot believe you lost my number again! I think you should write in on your forehead with a permanent marker… like God told the israelites… hehe. it’s 626 644 4183!

    oh, I soooooo excited to read your beautiful book…

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