It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s a…..rastafarian clown hot-air balloon??

You never know what you’re going to see in the skies above Holzen.  This evening was no exception!  Mari Ellen and I were off on a culinary adventure when we saw this:


But the true “giggle moment” came when the happy dude descended a little and his dreadlocks started to bounce around his head.  Guess he was having an aerial bad-hair day.  It was pretty memorable–in a surreal and very UN-German kind of way! 

If you could design a hot-air balloon, what would yours look like??  Here’s wishing you your own flying something-or-other. 



  1. Hehe. Probably french fries with mayo. But that’s just the thoughts trigged by your “culinary adventure” talking.

  2. I saw it too! I was in the kitchen doing my gratis and then all of a sudden, I saw the air balloon going by. It was so cool!

  3. this is such a bombastic picture that i had to steal it. I hope you don’t mind. It’s my inauguration of spring picture showing how happy i am.

  4. Mine would be a, wait, a motorcycle (headed east, of course)…Hope we don’t have to wait to get cancer to go up in one of these together!!

  5. oh oh! I saw that one! I took pictures but uh… yeah.. my zoom is not that great. Anyways, mind would be… hm… no idea.

  6. He looks like he came straight out of a kinder egg.

  7. oh my gosh thats so hilarious i can barely stand it! did you get my message? whats a school break without a nice mich-conversation? i’m gonna try calling you again today.
    oh, and my hot air balloon would be richard gear.

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