Yesterday saw my apartment invaded by the Keepers of the Candle (the all-about-me candle, that is).  They devoured enough fondue for an army and generally kept me thoroughly entertained!

Notice Lydia who was having hair-clip issues, Rachelle who was apparently the victim of some kind of fondue-induced trance (the medical term for it is Acute Boyetic Romantia), and Linnea who seemed to be hoping an eligible male model might be seeing this picture.  If that come-hither look doesn’t do the job, nothing will!  And then the ladies tried to blend in with my Christmas angel collection (around the tree in background).  What do you think?  Did they come anywhere near succeeding??  My vote goes to Christine Cho. 

“Have you ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates?” he asks. “Morons!”
(The Princess Bride)

And tonight?  Tonight was Creative Writing’s turn.  My absolute favorite class ever came over for The Princess Bride and enough food to cure world hunger.  Meet three of the lovely ladies of Creative Writing, each of them feminine, classy, and ever so photogenic!  

Watching a movie with a bunch of melodramatic creative types is anything but dull.

The movie apparently wasn’t quite action-packed enough to capture the attention of the Korean contingent!  While Daniel and Mary slept–cutely, I might add….


…Josh tried to escape dressed in my jacket and scarf.  Doesn’t he make a cute little babushka??

But one of the highlights of the evening, without a doubt, was Mary punching a guy for the first time in her LIFE.  She chose Collin as her victim (a young man who is always deserving of a little abuse) and I think she smiled more widely after landing a solid punch than I’ve ever seen!  Her eyes actually disappeared into her face, with is the international symbol for very-very-happy-Korean.  Congrats, Mary–if a career in writing doesn’t work out, you might have a brilliant future as a pugilist!    (Note:  Collin actually said that the punch was painful, so there’s no play-acting here!)

And the good news is–I only had to resort to my patented smiling-glare on a couple occasions during the evening.  This one might have had something to do with the discomfort of a hand growing out of my back.

Bottom line?  I’m WAY too fortunate to have such a fascinating small group and such an entertaining (and talented) class of…uhm…Platos, Aristotles, and Socrates!  I love you all!!



  1. Hey, that hand thing. . .I’ve had it before. You might want to get that looked into. Could be serious.

  2. you deserve every minute of fascination and entertainment you get from your beloved students! They are fortunate to have YOU!

  3. yay you finally had them over to your house!! i’m going to one of my prof’s house for dinner monday night, and i’m tres excited. also, i stayed after class in one of my other prof’s class and we ended up having this 2 and a half hour conversation. it was delightful….

    missing you and your lovely home! <3

  4. Michele,  entertaining as usual!  Love you friend and hey, I have never seen my missing stuff on the BFA today…what happened?  bye…Renee.  MOnday after fifth right at my house?

  5. I hope they know how fortunate they are and go over to your place as often as possible~ I miss your food so much!! my pies aren’t half as good as your’s..

  6. hey…………….i claim credit for the picture of the VERY DISTURBING girl fest……………and of you with the hand-growth-thing comming out of your shoulder……….encredible talent

    haha.,thanks for haveing us over

  7. Oh Michele, you make me laugh SO hard :-D! I love our small group! and I love everyone in your creative writing class! Possibly the most entertaining people I know :-P! Great pictures! haha… Lydia and her hair issues :-P… and in the second picture it looks like Linnea’s holding my head or something… so silly :-P!
    Love you {v}!

  8. All of that looks like so much fun!  Even though you asked me back in October if I am still alive…I thought I would respond in December…. 🙂  Sorry about the delay.  Anyway, I am alive. I see you are too. 😉  I miss that grinning-glare.  Good times.  I love reading your updates thank you for sending them.

  9. I love being “photogenic” and a moron – always. 🙂

  10. calling you soon… def. in need of some hardcore people advice……………

  11. made it home just thought i’d let you know..hope your having fun michele!

  12. WHEEEEEE!!!

    that was fun…

    the class and the movie night, i mean.

    i’m trying to get into the poetry class next semester, but don’t hold your breath.  mostly because that would mean not breathing for something like six weeks.  that’s unhealthy.


  13. Michele, where are those pictures with Rat with the double chin? Or is it double chinS?

  14. so………….I just watched the batman with goerge cloony in it…………..believe me……..its some of the worst writing out there………….haha

    hmm………so its break……………any plans?

    when are we gonna have a party at your house and watch ESOTSM?

    my break is relatively empty……… you can plan it around your schedule

    dont die

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