It was yet another memorable milestone at the end of this year…

The girls were stunning–every single one of them!

Some were the epitome of decorum…

And others were…well…a tad less formal!

Even self-professed unemotional stoics caught the romantic bug!

It was my honor–as always–to attend with my very favorite cohort-in-crime…the lovely and loyal Mari Ellen.

And though ALL the Storch chicks outdid themselves in glamor, poise, and mild insanity…

…the imminent final milestone of the year, graduation, made me all the more aware of 6 particular ladies who stole my heart long before they stole their dates’.



  1. The girls look absolutely beautiful.  However, that is not what my post is about.  Your novel is the best book I have ever read.  Believe me, I have been a book worm since I was 6, and I love this one most of all!  I picked it up at 9pm and completed the last chapter at 11:30 pm.  I cried and laughed and loved it.  Congratulations on such a great achievement.  Will there be more where that one came from?

  2. All beatiful ladies in those pics…every last one, including two of my favorite ladies!!!  Thanks for sharing!  Love you and hope we can connect SOON!

  3. They are beautiful, aren’t they?!

  4. You can’t continue posting pictures like this, Michele. Makes me get all emotional and stuff.

  5. talk about double chins. I got you beat by three in that photo! anyhow, thanks for the compliments. I’ll take lovely and loyal any day! Thanks for YOUR loyalty!!

  6. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Check out my site! SO cool!

  7. these could be some of the most amazing girls I ever meet!

  8. hey, nice pictures!! hey you should be a professional photographer!!!

  9. You got is almost right, sweetheart!  Except, she KNOWINGLY wanted me in her falling off to sleep state to rub her head and and back next to her, and then Daddu had to join in too for a Tabitha sandwhich!  Lovely, ; lovely!  Hubby is happy to have her and his new computer to play with…hmmmm…he didn’t get much sleep last night with all the fun of setting up a new computer!  Haha!  I feel a bit groggy this morning…Tab and I watched German cartoons, ate toast and hot drinks and now she is fast alseep again on the couch downstairs…ahhhhh!  We’re planning on dropping in at school today for a few debates and the vocal recital…will we see you?  hugs, and when will you stop by?  Mich’s book is available by the way…

  10. P.S. Tab is wondering is she can have the Michele professional hairtrim soon?!?

  11. Shucks michelle!  Have you noticed how shiny our faces are?

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