I love (love, love, LOVE) Storch’s seniors.  You haven’t really experienced them until they’ve played too many rounds of charades, eaten too many servings of tiramisu, and left WAY too many messages on their former dorm parents’ answering machine!    Thankfully, Paul and Beth love them as much as I do and actually saved the five messages (total length of about 15 minutes!) so they can listen to them over and over and over…

Liz wondered the other evening if graduation was as hard on the adults in this community as it is on the students.  Well, Lizzie, an evening filled with so much laughter and genuineness is a sufficient reminder to me of all that is so wonderful about you ladies–and all I’ll miss so much when you’ve gone.  However, having lived beyond my student years at BFA, my perspective allows me to see that though grad may feel like a ‘death’ (and certainly is in one sense), it really is mainly a reinvention, a shifting of life’s axis, a forced leap that most often eventually results in unsuspected joys.

But you’re ready.  I’m sure of it.  And God has more planned for you (and me!) than any of us can imagine.  Thank you for sharing Monday evening with me (and any neighbors within earshot…).  Please, please, please invite yourselves over as often as you wish!

I love you all,


PS:  I’d like to draw my readers’ attention to the exercise machine somewhat visible in the background.  Yes-siree-bob, this old jalopy still has a mile or two in her…!



  1. aww…..

  2. ok…you made the tears begin….happy now?

  3. mich, i love (love, love) you too… hey in Hebrew you say things three times to add emphasis, thats why the angels call God “holy, holy, holy.” haha, we’re so biblical! but i dunno, mich…

    i love spending nights in laughter. and i remember being in junior high and looking forward to highschool, because then people would take me seriously, and i wouldn’t be a silly thirteen year old girl anymore. but now… now i have 5 weeks of high school left. wow. and i’m really going to miss being a silly high school girl.

    i wish i could get tipsy off your tiramisu EVERY night! 😉

    see ya later!

  4. Really? *Super-duper-excited-face* !!!!! I’m going to be in Kalamazoo, MI, from the 19th to the 29th; on the 29th I fly to Ohio (Cleveland), until June 3rd, then it’s back to Gull Lake, MI, which is near Kalamazoo. Is it gonna work?

  5. Look at me, I’m grinning from ear to ear, like a cheshire cat…and other overused expressions.

    I must say that was fun fun fun (happy liz), but darn it, would you stop.  Today I got a really excited feeling about school next year, and then I was super excited about grad, and then now all of a sudden I realized how few days I have left to just do the BFA thing…and how few days we have left to go to your house and have that M cheese that I forgot the name of.

    I love you Mish.

  6. Michele, still as wise as ever. 

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