Alright, boys and girls, the result of the survey (here and by email) have yielded two main contenders. So we’re down to two titles PLUS another one I’ve just added. This should be an easier pick as there are fewer entries.

Help me out! I want your opinions!

1. Life in a Tidal Pool
2. The Edge of Tidal Pools
3. Tidal Pools

And the winner is……….?

Thanks for helping out ! (Fiona, I’ll get to your answer right away!)




  1. Squirt, I can’t seem to access your Xanga comment page! My computer blanks every time I try to leave you a message… I think it’s probably that picture that’s overloading it–and making it impossible for anyone with normal eyesight to read the first few lines of your entry… So, I’d love to answer you question, but until you change your page so it doesn’t bomb, I guess I can’t!

  2. 3… again 3. I love French people; or at least laughing at what they do in North America. Too bad this little reunion couldn’t workout. It would have been memorable.

  3. I think I would agree with Ian: number three. It is short and to the point. I also think that the cover would have to have a captivating picture as well, the pic wouldn’t have to be solid and sharp though, misty and more soft..kinda blury, you know?..well that’s my opinion.:)

  4. oh and also you can answer my question whenever..hehe sorry I didn’t mean to sound impatient!

  5. alright i’llb e working on taking out my picture and music if thats whats causing will look kinda intersting but hey if you then can write comments then i’ll be albe to sacrafice i dont think i’m making any sense but yes i’ll be working on it!

  6. hmmm. now i think it’s between 1 & 3 ???
    Thanks for offering to help this weekend! I’ll let the Schultzes know. I’m very very excited to have the chance to get to know you this year…and do hope it works out for you to help out here again! See you soon.

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