Fiona asked a great question! She wanted *me* to answer it, but I’d like to hear your opinions first: why the heck is it that MKs usually want to marry other MKs? I know you’ve got some ideas about that, so let them rip!

Back in Germany on the 25th…counting the days while 6 French people live with my mom and I in a small house. ARGH!




  1. well one reason I think would be b/c we think they would understand us better and that the person who has lived in the same town his or her whole life (NOT that that is wrong to anyone reading this who has lived in the same town their whole life!) wouldn’t understand the concept of change or traveling or goodbyes to the extent that MK’s would…..that’s one reason, is it right?

    (for people reading this who haven’t traveled much or said goodbye much it’s ok! Please don’t think I’m pig headed by saying that you wouldn’t understand things MK’s would….)

  2. I agree with Fi. I also think it’s because MK’s understand other MK’s better than other Non-MK people trying to understand MK’s. And I think MK’s also have a different view of the world.

    For example, if there was a tsunami in Thailand or Indonesia, for non-MK’s, it’s just another disaster that happened in the world with just number of people that died. For them, they are not people, they are just number. For the MK’s, it’s not. They might have friends there or something. And the number of people that died from it are not just numbers, they are real people.

    I think we just have a whole different point of view of the world (kind of off topic but hey, just trying to say that we are different.)

  3. you are so lucky that you get to go back to germany i just get to sit waiting for next year to roll on in.

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