I just read an article online about the funeral for Luther Vandross. He’s a singer most of you younger readers will have never heard about, but he was a pretty hot commodity during the 80’s (don’t hate me for showing my age!). His chief attribute was being able to curl your toes and singe your hair with a simple love song. A voice like marshmallows melting off your stick over a campfire. His weight fluctuated wildly during his career, which kept him on the cover of tabloid magazines. One week he was skinny enough to be an Olsen twin, and the next he had thighs the size of mine! But back to his funeral. All the best known R&B singers from the past 30 years turned up, and they filled Manhattan’s Riverside Church with a raucous rendition of one of Luther’s best-known songs. Imagine that many powerful, combined voices bellowing an upbeat love song together during a funeral! What an amazing thing!

So here’s the thought it triggered in my overactive mind: What song would I want belted out at my funeral?

And I’m passing it on to you: If you could have any song sung at your funeral, and if it was truly to represent who you are, which song would you want sung and by what kind of singers? Think about it for a moment. Then tell me your conclusion. I’m curious! (Ahram, no Korean songs allowed!)

Bye for now–keep the questions pouring in!




  1. michele i’d have you sing a song for me whatever you want!!

  2. Aw man! I wanted a KOREAN song! haha. jk. Wasn’t thinking of that. hm… What song do I want…. hm… I don’t know, you tell me michele. Sounds like you know me better then i know myself. I know, that’s sad… oh well. Hey. I have an idea. Why don’t you live long enough until I die so YOU, Michele (with an accent thing) Phoenix, sing me a song at my funeral? You can come to Korea and everything! (haha)

  3. ahram stole my idea michele..thats plagerizing isn’t it? aha just kidding!

  4. HA ha. Gosh Rat, we still need to do something to Michele… hm…

  5. amen..what do you think michele deserves? someting big and nasty or something easy and she will get over it?!!

  6. I legally declare this place “the chatting place for Rat and Ahram”. haha!!!!!

  7. totally agree with that! so michele what do you think you deserve? oh michele you need to beat up ahram cuz she blackmailed me with these photo’s that she has! isn’t that against the law or something?! MICHELE!!!

  8. I deserve to be loved and adulated because I put up with the bunch of you! As for your little feud, ladies, leave me out of it…!

    Love you both.


  9. but michele…hehe! yeah you do put up with a lot doesn’t she unnie? hmm but you know i just love playing tricks on people..hehe..still thinking ahram any suggestions here?!!!

  10. can you sing “THERE IS LOVE” for me? not at my funeral – just, ya know, when i can hear it. it would make me smile and i could use one those about now 😀

  11. thats a good song..i’d love to hear michele sing that in rap!

  12. hey michele,

    i miss you so much.  My family is in the States for a year so maybe i will be able to visit you : )

  13. hm.. ideas ideas… we’ll think of one rat, don’t worry. muhahahahaha!!!

  14. haha..oooh yes we will..hmm i’ve got plenty in my head! but which one to choose..hmm muahaha

  15. is this you??? the one who i think this is….a past instructer of mine where i began my acting carrier?

  16. I really can’t wait to sit and talk with you….

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