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Paging all MKs!  You’ll find below a copy of a mass-mailing I just sent out to just about every MK I know.  It’s also an “everything but the kitchen sink” look at what I’m doing and what’s ahead.  (An MK recently mis-idiomed “Everything but the Frigidaire,” which had me laughing for days.)  Please make sure you scroll down to the “Why Am I Writing To You” section for practical needs and research you may be able to help with.  If you know of anyone who might be able to contribute practically or “surveyly,” can you send them to this page?  Please!  I’d LOVE their input as I develop new materials and plan exciting events.  Counting on you all to spread the word…

Michèle Phoenix
MK and TCK Advocate
Who is this Michèle anyway?
Hello!  Some of you know me and some of you have been sent to this website by friends who think you’d make a perfect candidate for what I’m planning.  Either way—welcome! (If you don’t know me, feel free to click the “Biography” link in the right column.)
You may or may not know that I’ve just begun a new MK ministry and have moved from Germany (where I taught at Black Forest Academy for 20 years) to Wheaton, IL.  If you’re a missionary, an MK or an MK educator/caregiver, I know YOU will understand the importance of this work!  It’s multi-faceted and looks like this:
  • Educating North American churches about the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of MKs
  • Training US missions to better prepare missionary families for the attrition that is far too common among MKs (not to mention marriages)
  • Speaking to MKs and missionaries at reentry and prefield conferences
  • Developing new materials to give MKs tools to understand and help themselves, rather than just telling them they’re going to have “issues”
  • Consulting with individuals and organizations on the subject of MK identity, MK care and MK wholeness
  • Mentoring local and distant MKs who are reentering this culture either in person or through modern communication tools

My latest prayer letter, viewable here, will better explain the incredible opportunities that poured in this summer and the daunting work ahead.  Late breaking news: I’ve just been asked to speak at Moody Bible Institute’s missions week in October–what a frightening and exciting honor!

Why am I writing to you?

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As an MK myself and after 20 years spent teaching at BFA, I am convinced of the importance of “seasoned MKs” sharing what we’ve learned in order to spare today’s MKs from the pain many of us have suffered. I need your help!If you have the time and share my vision, please send me a brief email answering the following questions!  (Or fill in the “quick answer” list at the bottom of this note…)
1. Would you be willing to be interviewed on camera for some of the materials I’m developing?  (I’ll be traveling around the continent setting up these interviews.)  The videos will illustrate a series of articles I’ve written titled “The Lies MKs Believe.”  They’re now being reprinted by several publications and have garnered astounding responses.  To view them and also a video I’ve created, click here.
2. Would you be willing to fill out a short survey? I’ll be sending it out in the next few weeks.
3. Would you be willing to connect me with your church or with mission-related organizations you know of?  I need referrals and contacts in order to expand my network.  I’d be happy to send you a pamphlet and introduction letter.  View a sample pamphlet here.
4. Would you please read the text in the column to the right? –>  Nothing I have planned for this new (and already growing) ministry will be possible without the partnership of a team of similarly-minded friends.  Every prompting and flash of inspiration God places in me requires the shared vision of people like YOU. I’d be so honored to partner with you!  (AND I’ll send a FREE copy of “The Edge of Tidal Pools” to anyone who contributes to this important cause!)
5. Lastly, I’m committed to sending newsletters and updates ONLY to those who want themIf you’d like to receive them, please click here and write “subscribe” (or more) in the body of your email!

Address: 301 E. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL 60187
Email: shellphoenix@gmail.com
Phone: (331) 625 9030

Bringing understanding to Third Culture Kids and those who care for them.
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The Part Nobody Wants to Write About…or Read About:
This type of ministry is not generally recognized as important by churches and supporters whose focus is on exotic locations and the unsaved multitudes.  You know how that goes…
What they don’t understand is that the mission field is yielding a sub-crop of bitter and sometimes broken young people, MKs who see themselves as victims of their parents’ call to missions, MKs who can be helped!  This work is vital to teaching MKs to live healthy, fulfilling and grounded lives in a changing world.
Because of this lack of vision, I’ve lost some critical support since leaving BFA, and the future of this ministry is threatened by the lack of funding. 
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Would you be willing to help?  My greatest need is for monthly support (lacking about $600/mo), though one-time gifts will help my shrinking mission account to recover from moving expenses and lost donors!  I’d be so honored–SO HONORED–to count you as a member of my team as I begin this exciting and so-necessary ministry!
Would you please consider taking part in it, if only through prayer? I know YOU understand its importance more than anyone else!
To make contributions, go to my mission’s donation page here or contact me directly (info to the left,
end of email).  Thank you!


No need for a long response!  Just cut/paste the following 5 questions into a reply email and answer yes or no!  Email here.

1. I’m willing to be in a video:
2. I’m willing to fill out the survey:
3. I’ll connect you with groups I know:
4. I want to support you:
5. I want to receive your newsletters:
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